strengthening sector capability

We have collaborated over a number of programmes and have produced a series of support tools, resources and webinars which tackle the challenges surrounding all aspects of digital within a health and care setting.  This year we are co-producing a series of Masterclasses with council partners and further support tools as well as following their journeys in tackling key aspects of applying digital.

the themes

digital benefits realisation

Evaluating the impact of digital tools within health and care settings is complex and there are a variety of approaches. Here we provide resources which explore how to evaluate both the impact on the lives of people as well as the financial benefits to councils.

digital culture change

We have all been on the receiving end of culture change initiatives but if they are not reinforced by how people are actually behaving then they are ineffective. Impactful and effective culture change is something that takes a lot of work to implement in an organisation, but it can reap rewards; changing attitudes, improving lives and making everyone’s experience better. Here we provide insights into how peers have tackled this in their own organisations, resources to support you, and words of encouragement!

digital discharge

Discharge – flow and crisis prevention – is a challenge which technology can be applied to intelligently to relieve pressures and enhance lives. Care tech aids can effectively support the smooth and safe discharge of patients and prevent readmission through providing a virtual point of contact and check-in which can work smoothly alongside face to face visits and can both increase capacity as well as create more independence for the individual.

digital access for all

When we consider the application of digital to enhance the lives of the people we support are we also considering the barriers to this, both seen and unseen, and do we place the individual at the heart of our considerations? Assumptions and digital bias can influence the decisions we make.  Here we help you to question these and to truly understand what your staff, providers, partners and individuals requiring support actually need in order to make the most of the benefits digital can provide.

working with the care market

How can you work differently with your care providers to support them to join you on your journey to realise your digital ambitions?  The opportunities for real benefits for providers and their customers are significant – but there are many barriers and challenges in this work: culture, risk, funding, skills, priorities. In this section we tackle these and bring to the table some tools and best practice on partnership working and collaborating with the care market to support both their ability to deliver the care and create better outcomes for the people to whom they are providing it.