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sandra whiting: rotherham council

Meet Sandy, programme lead for assistive technology and occupational therapy in Rotherham Council… and participant in our #LGADigital leadership programme. Sandy’s journey on our digital leadership programme has taught us

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Enough with the smoke and mirrors

Are TEC suppliers magicking up financial benefits? Time to cut through the illusion, says Clare Morris. I have a question. Are the conversations you’re having with digital tech suppliers leaving

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Line drawing of a lady wearing virtual reality headset. Pink and yellow blobs overlaid on headset. Digital care technology logo in top left.

Goodbye HAL, hello Ellen Ripley

Hollywood has fed our anxieties around AI for years, but as social care steps into sci-fi territory it’s time to share some new stories, says Clare Morris If you shut

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When two tribes go to work

When two tribes go to war work Covid has lowered barriers to tech adoption, but the culture change mustn’t stop here. The opportunities (and challenges) of partnering with other services

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Nesta Prototyping Framework

LGA & Rethink Partners Digital Care Technology Resource Centre The prototyping process outlined in this document was developed through the Prototype Barnet project which used this process to build and

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Playbook for innovation learning

LGA & Rethink Partners Digital Care Technology Resource Centre Over the past three years, in Nesta’s Innovation Skills team we’ve had numerous conversations with colleagues, partners, participants and practitioners about

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