Pack your bags – we’re off on an adventure!

Our Strengthening Sector capability journey is just beginning, and it’s already taking us some unexpected places, says Rethink’s Irene Carson

Are you excited by where conversations around your digital care model are taking you?

We’re co-producing truly disruptive strategies, tools and content on some red-hot topics for our Strengthening Sector Capacity programme with the LGA’s Care and Health Improvement Team.

It’s our brief to build on our best current insight whilst also challenging the received wisdom in this space, and help councils build the skills, plans and approaches that will support them to realise their digital ambitions.

Choosing our destination…

To get to the bottom of the challenges facing councils, and explore the huge wins digital solutions can deliver, we’ve planned five masterclasses around some key topics:

  • Digital benefits realisation
  • Digital culture change
  • Digital discharge
  • Digital access for all
  • Working with the care market

The really exciting bit is our close work with councils to dig into the detail and co-produce resources that will make a real difference to their work, and yours.

As we kick off a deep dive into the particular cultures, challenges and ambitions of the councils who are co-designing with us, you’ll be able to follow our progress via our Resource Centre

Our work will culminate in co-produced masterclasses where we lift the lid on a very real set of circumstances, and present the tools we develop together.

Inside the sessions…

Our first council session – on Digital Access for All with Lincolnshire County Council – has got us really excited about the journey ahead. We worked with leaders Semantha Neal, Theo Jarratt and Samantha Francis to delve into the county’s ambitions in opening up access to digital: the challenges, its trump cards and the degree of need among its ageing population.

Exploring the scope of this work together, we identified the importance of workforce, skills, culture and comms…but the really exciting part is how we tap into motivations to personalise and permission people on this journey. We’ll be looking at how best to enable people working in – and in receipt of – social care to access digital to build independence. The vision is a transparent, trustworthy system that builds staff confidence, builds partnerships with external experts, and speeds up innovation. This is about the digital divide in its broadest sense.

Where you come in…

We’re committed to bringing you on this journey with us, sharing the tough lessons and the easy wins so you and your team can tool up for your path forwards.

Together with Lincolnshire colleagues we’ll be sharing their story at our Digital Access For All Masterclass in March. In the meantime our first masterclass in the series will be exploring Digital Benefits Realisation (10am – 11:30am, 8th December).

We’ll be interrogating a variety of approaches to evaluating the impact of care technology, both the financial benefits to councils and the positive impact on people’s lives. We’ll be sharing experiences of councils who are leading this agenda too, seek to collectively demystify how to compare how to develop your own approach locally.

To book your place for any of our masterclasses visit

Irene Carson is Rethink Partners’ MD. She helps organisations explore and discover why people behave as they do and the causes and effects of those behaviours, decisions and policies.

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