Episode 3: Gavin Bultitude, assistant director of strategy and transformation for adult care, Suffolk County Council

For our latest #LGADigital podcast our CEO Clare is joined by a passionate champion of digital care tech to cut through the noise around adult social care and get a real grasp on the issues that shape this work. “I’d seen analogue kit in beige boxes sitting around the office gathering dust – I didn’t really get it” admits Gavin Bultitude, assistant director for strategic planning with Suffolk County Council’s adult care team, of his attitude on inheriting responsibility for digital care.

Gavin’s lightbulb moment? A colleague’s use of “ecosystem”, a term that clicked with his education in biological sciences and wakened him to the power of digital tools to transform lives.

This third podcast in our Big Five Questions series gives a fascinating insight into the workforce crisis; demographic pressures, and what choice and autonomy *really* look like.

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