Episode 2: Norman Niven, Founder of The Medication Support Company

What do market players make of where health and care tech is headed?

For our second #LGAdigital podcast our CEO Clare lifts the bonnet on health tech’s commercial scene with an experienced market player. Norman Niven, chief exec of The Medication Support Company, has 30 years experience of developing disruptive tech for the health and care market, and pulls no punches when it comes to assessing where it’s headed.

Drawn to this work by a sci-fi-fuelled sense of wonder, Norman has made some huge strides in making healthcare work better for everyone. “The technology is not the important bit,” he says. “That’s the service that sits behind the technology. Quite often people design technology as an end in itself but it should be just the means of achieving.”

Discussing the market with Clare, Norman shares his concerns about the gold rush around care and health tech. “The market for sensors seems to be a free-for-all,” he suggests. “There’s a sense of ‘I built a sensor to measure usage of electricity and therefore I can intrude into people’s homes and monitor everything they’re doing.’ They get it completely wrong.”

So how can councils and care commissioners sort the good tech from the bad? Tune in for a 15-minute crash course in knowing the market.

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