Digital Access for all

When we consider the application of digital to enhance the lives of the people we support are we also considering the barriers to this, both seen and unseen, and do we place the individual at the heart of our considerations? Assumptions and digital bias can influence the decisions we make.  Here we help you to question these and to truly understand what your staff, providers, partners and individuals requiring support actually need in order to make the most of the benefits digital can provide.

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lincolnshire county council

I'm Theo Jarratt and I'm head of quality and information at Lincolnshire County Council I'm in charge of a digital programme looking at adult social care and community well-being services to see what we can do to more readily use digital technology in this area. The reason why we applied is we got to a stage with our programme that really need to be pushing them onto mainstream and digital tech in care. So we've got some really good senior buy-in from exec members and our senior leadership team and also among staff and what we really wanted to do as to seek some support to see how we can embrace that and use it to to push on to use digital tech in care to a greater extent.

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